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Carbon Brush Holders
SYAL & Co is manufacturing both the brush and brush holder. We can design both components to work collectively to provide you with the best performance, savings and brush life possible with excellent turnaround time. All Brush holders are made of the finest brass quality, solid or extruded, with constant force spring assemblies. Specialized options include: height adjustability, brush-wear indicator devices, quick disconnecting terminals and low friction coatings.
Carbon Brush Holder & Constant Springs
The carbon brush holder is very important to the life and op-erating efficiency of the brush and also to the parent machine. The quality of the brush performance is always dependent on the design and ability of the Brush Holder which supports It against the commutator or slip ring.
Our research department, with its experience of more than 30 years in the field, has developed best quality materials for manufacturing brush holders suitable for their particular applications. We use the highest grade materials in the production of carbon brush holders, such as brass sheet extrusions, sand castings, brass investment castings etc. which are proven to show the best possible heat dissipation and much resistance Co mechanical strain. The Brush Holders can be supplied with surface treatment against corrosion, to enhance their performance and life span.

We can manufacture & supply any type of Carbon Brush Holder as per your drawing / sample / specification within a short time. We offer our quality Brush Holders in various materials such as Brass, Gun Metal, Phosphor Bronze, Sheet Metal etc. as suggested by the customers. We carry a stock for Standard Brush Holder of different pocket sizes. We can also manufacture very small quantity of Brush Holders as per your requirement
DC / AC Motos, Slip Rings Motors, Power Generators, Welding Generators, Crane Installation....
Constant Action Springs for Brush Holder
WE offer replacement spring assemblies for virtually every type of constant force brush holder, including turbine ring magazines. Our spring assemblies are designed to meet or exceed the performance of the original part. We also replace springs on existing back plates. Over 40 popular style are carried in stock
Exclusive Built-In Wear Indicator

An optional wear device is available with selected springs to easily detect when carbon brush should be replaced.

Brush Spacing
Spring Repair
Did you know that we can replace the springs on your existing clips? Just send in the old clips and we can put on new rollers/springs. Make sure you include an old brush or part number. The brush size, style, and RPM determine the spring force.

Spring Pressure (PSI) = Measured Force (LBS) Brush Thickness X Brush Width
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