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SYAL & CO is manufacturing wide range of carbon brushes for motors. We have adopted different measures for monitoring quality in all our manufacturing processes and activities. We manufacture these carbon brushes as per the needs of the customer. Our range of spare parts comprises of electric carbon brush and brush holders. These electric carbon brush manufactured by us are fabricated from the batches of carbon blocks having uniform properties within narrow tolerance limit.

Carbon Brush
produces world class Carbon Brushes. Selecting the correct grade carbon brush is important for Commutator & Slipring performance, maximum brush life, and high motor performance. Syal & Co manufactures and designs many patterns, grades and types of carbon brushes ensuring the correct carbon brush is available to meet your requirements for you motors or generators, and advice on Carbon Brush grade selection is given by our technical experts. The benefits to our customers include Carbon Brushes that can increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs by improving machine reliability and availability. The correct brush grade is the key to meeting the unique operating requirements of such diverse applications as Mining, Battery Electric Vehicles, Aerospace, Power Generation, Traction and Industrial Motors
The primary function of a carbon brushes is to deliver or collect current from a rotating part of an electric Machine. The brushes should maintain a close contact with rotating part. (i.e. Commutator or slipring) / in order to ensure sparkles operation without wearing itself too quickly. There are various types of Carbon \ Brushes in different types of Grades.

Electro Graphite (EG)  
Metal Graphite (MG)   
Carbon Graphite (CG)  
Natural Graphite (NG)  
Hard Carbon (HC)  
Resin Bonded (RB)  
Silver Graphite (SG)   
DC / AC Motors, Slip Rings Motors, Power Generators, Welding Generators, Crane Installation....
Some Typical applications include OEMs, Railways, Automotives, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Power Stations, Cement Plants, Sugar Plants, Domestic Home Appliances, and Power Tools etc.
Material Used
Indian Grade   
Imported Grade   
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