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EOT Crane Spares & DSL Bus Bar
SYAL & CO engaged in the manufacture, export as well as keeping stock of the following range of E.O.T CRANE SPARES equipments:
EOT Crane Spares & DSL Bus Bar
Cable TrolleysCurrent Collectors
Master Controllers Starting Resistors
Cable TrolleysCounter Weight Limit
Dynamic Breaking Resistance Switches Electro Hydraulic Thrusters Brakes
Lever Limit Switches Flexible Geared Couplings
Electro Hydraulic Thrusters Automatic Rotor Starter Panel
Flexible Brakes Drum coupling SSl Punched Grid Resistance Boxes
SS Wire Grid Resistance Boxes Radio Remote Control
Fechral Punched Grid Resistance Boxes Cable Reeling Drums
Shrouded Bus Bard Conductors   
DSL Bus Bar
SYAL & CO HAVE RANGE OF Dsl Bus bar sytems which is used for Power Trans-mission. Current Capacity ranges from 60amps to 1000amps rated at 100% duty cycle & nominal voltage upto 660V. They fulfill the requirements of latest international standards. All are safe to touch & designed finger proof. Conductor rail provide a safe & economical supply of electrical power for track guided mobile machinery
DSL Bus Bar
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SCV Features

Main Application : Heavy Cranes, People mover systems, Special machinery. Design : The aluminium rail has a patented stainless steel, sliding surface. single pole hanger clamp for universal installation.
500 to 1000 amps in same standard.
500, 800 & 1000 amps aluminium stainless steel.
500, 800 & 1000 amps Copper.
No expansion joints upto 200 meters long systems.

SCW Features
Touch proof, no exposed live part.
Quick & easy Installation.
Bolted Joint.
1 pole / 4 Pole Hanger.
Insulating cover shaped to shed from water and dust. 60 to 400 Amps. Conductor in same standard. No Expansion Joints upto 150 meters long system. Track Configuration: Straight or Curved. Suitable for Indoor! Outdoor Installation.
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